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A French company always ready to provide you with reliable property surveys

Juris Diagnostics Immobiliers was founded in 1997 and is one of the first companies in France specialized in property surveys. Juris Diagnostics Immobiliers carry out all regulatory property (residential, commercial and industrial) surveys and controls for sale and rental, new constructions, condominiums as well as for building renovation or demolition works. Its experience of more than two decades, its professionalism, its permanent regulatory monitoring and its many partners in real estate, building and legal sectors helped it build a strong reputation among its customers including bank agencies, public and private institutions and large private groups.

A company of property controls and surveys that reflects core values

The success of Juris Diagnostics Immobiliers lies on core values since the beginning of its activities. These include a loyal and serious team of highly profiled and certified property surveyors with more than 20-year practice experience in the same company as well as a prompt and effective organization of their controls and surveys, most delivered within 24 hours. Juris Diagnostics Immobiliers also provides additional advantages offering excellent value for money, using high-tech materials and equipment as its own software, generating reliable secure and readable reports always carefully checked before sending as well as carrying out a humanist and eco-friendly company policy.

What is the purpose of property surveys for selling and renting?

Property surveys are assessments ordered by sellers and lessors that allow buyers and tenants to purchase and rent (seasonally or year-round) with complete peace of mind. Indeed, property survey written reports describe all what potential buyers and tenants cannot see during their visit of the property and provide recommendations when faults are identified. The obligation of having surveys done on properties before sale or rental is legally required by current French regulations. The precise nature of property survey reports to transmit to purchasers and tenants depend on the characteristics of the property as the date it was built (asbestos, lead paint), its location (termites, pollution and hazards report form), the age of gas and electrical installations (gas and/or electrical installation survey) and the type of real estate transaction (surface aera measurements according Carrez or Boutin law). For all property sales or rentals (for at least four months) an energy efficiency survey has to be conducted.

Do you plan to carry out work on your French property?

Before renovation or demolition work in a property, owners or managers may be obliged to hire experts to carry out intrusive and thorough inspections (asbestos, lead, termites) depending on the age of construction or on its location to assess the health and safety risks for workers on the future building site. After asbestos or lead removal work a visual inspection must be done to ensure that there are no more potential health risks of exposure to these hazardous materials.

Should you need any further information concerning your obligations, our property surveys or a free quote, do not hesitate to email or call our surveyors right now!


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